Why Automotive Companies Need To Capitalize On IoT In Manufacturing

The automotive manufacturing world is experiencing a rapid business transformation. While some say this is due to the change in manufacturing of vehicles themselves, it really has to do with the way people use and want to use their vehicles. Consumers want more than to just head to a dealership and purchase a car. As consumers have seen many other aspects in life becoming connected, they want their automotive experience to be connected as well. This means manufacturers are becoming involved at a customer level to ensure everything is working seamlessly, from reminding customers to come in for an oil change, to notifying them when a connected part reports it needs a service upgrade.

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Automotive Industry Research Uncovers Top 5 Opportunities for Success

With innovation available in nearly every aspect of the automotive industry, many organizations are left wondering, what they should prioritize to stay on the cutting-edge? What areas of focus will provide the most opportunity for growth, and what should they invest in to improve their bottom lines?

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On-Demand Webcast: When Will Your Industry Get “Ubered?” Adient’s Digital Journey

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Randy Urban – Vice President, Digital Office, Adient

Megatrends in the digital technology space are starting to converge and create opportunities that are going exponential. When trends go from linear to exponential, the change in ability or cost performance is transformational and leads to significant disruption. This can be seen in many industries today. The accelerating capabilities of digital coupled with a creative start-up mentality give people the ability to re-think just about any product or service. As these innovators re-imagine how to serve an industry or create a completely new one, those of us who are already operating in the business need to move onto the exponential curve or risk being disrupted. It is time for the automotive industry to transform.

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How to Conquer Digital Disruption: Best Practices for Automotive 2017 Conference Takeaways

The third annual Best Practices for Automotive conference brought together hundreds of industry professionals and SAP users to learn how to improve business performance in today’s digital and connected enterprise. Over the course of three days, attendees heard case studies and thought leadership on how to succeed over disruptive trends like workforce dynamics, autonomous technologies, IoT and connected cars, big data, increasing consumer demands, and more.

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10 Reasons to Attend Best Practices for Automotive

pexels-photo-481114This year’s Best Practices for Automotive will be an unrivaled experience for the auto industry. Uniting hundreds of professionals, from senior leaders and business owners, to analytics and solution providers, this will be the can’t-miss event for those SAP users seeking to improve their overall business performance. Since this industry is experiencing one of the most challenging times ever due to digital disruption, now is the time to prepare yourself for future revolutions by embracing leading-edge solutions today. Continue reading

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On-Demand Webcast: Digitizing Business Outcomes in Automotive

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Marty Groover – Operational Technology Manager, Caterpillar

To compete in an e-commerce market, a fully integrated digital thread is required from the customer through the industrial complex to the digital supply network. For Caterpillar business transformation meant implementing digital tools in a Live Factory project which included Predictive Maintenance, RFID tracking, vehicle insights, live digital manufacturing insights, integration and intelligence. Hear from CAT’s Operational Technology Manager, Marty Groover, in this complimentary webcast to learn about their project and its results.

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Top Tech Challenges Disrupting & Revolutionizing the Auto Industry



The transformation the automotive industry is undergoing can be almost entirely attributed to the shift in technological trends in regards to consumer behaviors. During the extensive research Best Practices in Automotive Conference does every year, 2017’s report identifies the most pressing challenges that automotive companies are facing today.

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8 Trends Driving Innovation in the Auto Industry

A quarter billion connected cars will be on the road globally by 2020. With new in-vehicle and automated driving capabilities taking shape every day, opportunities for automotive companies to innovate abound.

Twenty-six experts from the automotive industry who attended the SAP sponsored Best Practices for Automotive conference shared the connected vehicle and autonomous driving trends they are seeing in the industry. Here are eight of the hottest topics they discussed in interviews recorded live for The Future of Cars with Game Changers Radio.

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