On-Demand Webcast: Digitizing Business Outcomes in Automotive

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Marty Groover – Operational Technology Manager, Caterpillar

To compete in an e-commerce market, a fully integrated digital thread is required from the customer through the industrial complex to the digital supply network. For Caterpillar business transformation meant implementing digital tools in a Live Factory project which included Predictive Maintenance, RFID tracking, vehicle insights, live digital manufacturing insights, integration and intelligence. Hear from CAT’s Operational Technology Manager, Marty Groover, in this complimentary webcast to learn about their project and its results.

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The Value Of Your Moving Assets

london-94704_1280During a recent radio interview on SAP Game Changers, three experts discussed the value of moving assets within a company. Larry Stolle, Bill Powell, and Joe Barkai focused on the role moving assets within a company. Each moving asset plays a key role in accomplishing specific goals and tasks. Thus, a company must understand the ways a fleet of vehicles or specific equipment benefits the business.

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Accelerating Business in the Digital Age

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The automotive industry faces a sales forecast of 111 million new vehicles sold annually by 2020, and all of them “connected”. Over $100 billion in self-driving mobility services by 2035. And all of this from an industry that has roots just over a century and a quarter old.  And the excitement, opportunity and the challenges that are upon us have never been greater.

Most global vehicle manufacturers have the same vision of transforming from vehicle makers to mobility providers with accident free driving and emission free operation. With new ideas and new technology, and new customer expectations, innovation will create new business models and force massive change on the global automotive industry.

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Infographic: Why Attend BP4Auto in 2016

As technology and digital innovations continue to disrupt the automotive industry, it is more important than ever to join us to hear solutions and expertise from your peers on how to accelerate the business into the digital age. No other conference will offer you a more in-depth look at the latest solutions and strategies for the complex industry issues you are faced with today. You will leave Best Practices for Automotive with a network of professionals and experts who you can call on year-round.

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