Meet the Keynote: Who is Frank M. Rinderknecht?

Frank M. Rinderknecht, founder & CEO of Rinspeed, will be a keynote speaker at the Best Practices for Automotive conference September 11-13, 2018 in Detroit, Michigan.

Who is Frank M. Rinderknecht?

Frank Rinderknecht is the founder and CEO of Rinspeed. He started this company in 1977 as a student at the Technical University of Zurich. Rinderknecht is an innovator, a revolutionary, a disruptor, and maritime enthusiast. But really, he’s best known best for Rinspeed’s concept vehicles.

What is Rinspeed?

Rinspeed started out importing sunroofs from the USA but soon became a pioneer in the automotive industry through inventions of steering wheels with integrated radio controls, sustainable powertrains, and driver assistance systems. Now the company is as a think tank, creating cars to push what we think a vehicle should be and to making solutions for tomorrow’s roads.

Rinspeed’s latest mobility solution, the Rinspeed Snap, has even inspired a startup to develop and produce the Snap. Snap Motion will be established in the near future with locations in both Silicon Valley and Central Europe.

What is the Snap?

The Snap is difficult to define. It is the solution at the intersection of many problems. It is sustainable, innovative, and social. It is what urban mobility needs. Rinderknecht is looking beyond autonomous taxis. He’s looking at the Snap.

By separating the intelligence, called a “skateboard,” and the structure and vehicle components, called a “pod,” they can come together as temporary partners to serve specific purposes. The pods can be loaded and changed as they are needed and even be used stationary as part of smart cities. Watch the video below to see the Snap in action!

Learn more from Rinderknecht’s keynote, Driving Change: Creating the Next Generation of Vehicles featured at the 2018 Best Practices for Automotive Conference.

Get access to these success stories and more as the industry unites to reclaim innovation at the 2018 Best Practices for Automotive conference this September 11-13 in Detroit, Michigan. The fourth annual event is bringing together some of the biggest players in automotive to learn how to conquer digital disruption and thrive in today’s complex business environment. Download the conference brochure below for a comprehensive view of the program.



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