On-Demand Webcast: Digitizing Business Outcomes in Automotive

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Marty Groover – Operational Technology Manager, Caterpillar

To compete in an e-commerce market, a fully integrated digital thread is required from the customer through the industrial complex to the digital supply network. For Caterpillar business transformation meant implementing digital tools in a Live Factory project which included Predictive Maintenance, RFID tracking, vehicle insights, live digital manufacturing insights, integration and intelligence. Hear from CAT’s Operational Technology Manager, Marty Groover, in this complimentary webcast to learn about their project and its results.

Learn how your organization can:

  • Achieve a business transformation by turning today’s digital capabilities into a competitive advantage
  • Propel your business past incremental improvements
  • Solve common manufacturing issues while reducing process & product variation

Hear more from Marty at the upcoming Best Practices for Automotive conference. His keynote presentation will provide more details and depth on CAT’s business transformation and how they developed a fully integrated digital stream from the customer to the supply network.

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