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The automobile is a transformative invention that changed the technological, social, and economic fabric of our society. Now, we are witnessing a new era of accelerated automotive disruption, which according to McKinsey is likely to be far more impactful than the previous 50 years.

While industry analysts are not entirely clear what the future of automotive technology holds, we know that SAP customers in the industry are focused on three central trends: driving the business with artificial intelligence, applying automation everywhere, and moving to autonomous vehicles. These trends are putting pressure on automotive businesses to make their operations fully digital, organize and manage their data more effectively, and integrate and connect their critical business systems.

Find out more about these trends and pressures in The State of the Automotive Industry 2019 report.

What Industry Experts Are Saying About These Trends

To dive deeper into these trends and pressures, we have compiled eight top articles that touch on related topics. By reading these articles and the trends report, you’ll get an overview of the current state of the industry and future predictions. For more industry updates, we recommend you check out and follow the some of the influencers included on our autotech influencer list.

Transitioning to a digital business

Used cars, new platforms: Accelerating sales in a digitally disrupted market

By: Ben Ellencweig, Sam Ezratty, Dan Fleming, and Itali Miller

The market for used cars has been consistently growing in the last few years and is expected to continue doing so. In an era where most of the buying process takes place online, it is important for dealers and investors to up their games to offer a great customer experience to new digitally savvy used-car consumers.

How BMW manages the customer’s dealer experience

By: Phil Wainewright

BMW has seen a big improvement in customer satisfaction by changing from a lengthy survey to a more user-friendly five-question survey. This has allowed them to easily find out what the customer has in mind and increase their response rate by 50%. In this article, Phil Wainewright discusses in-depth the benefits of these new experience management (XM) platforms and poses some questions regarding the future challenges of the automotive experience.

Electrification of vehicles and autonomous driving

Podcast: The car of the future: Electric, connected and autonomous

By: Joe Barkai

In this podcast, Joe Barkai explains why the integration of the car of the future in our daily lives goes way beyond the technology of the vehicle itself and includes outside factors like the improvement of infrastructure, services, and most importantly, society’s adoption of it.

Note: Joe is a featured judge for the 2019 SAP Automotive Industry Innovation Awards.

The Race for the Electric Car

By: CB Insights

Electric vehicles (EV) sales are growing quickly. The mounting interest in electric vehicle technology is underpinned by a combination of environmental, sociopolitical, and economic forces. However, EV sales growth is not the same in all markets. CB Insights looks into each main market–China, Europe, and the U.S.–and analyzes the challenges ahead.

Competing for consumers in driverless cars

By: Felix Kuhnert

With the coming of driverless cars and the new fifth screen economy, the in-car experience will transform. Current car companies will have to find ways to compete with these autonomous cars. How could they do it? Felix Kuhnert explains.

Shared mobility and the future of energy

Are Uber and Lyft the Future of Transit? Not So Fast

By: Streetsblog USA

Are companies like Uber and Lyft the solution for a more efficient and less costly public transport system in big cities? Even though some major cities in the U.S. have tried saving their transit system this way, these technology companies are not the best solution, according to @StreetsblogUSA.

This Dutch football stadium creates its own energy and stores it in electric car batteries

By: Rosamond Hutt

Electric vehicles’ old batteries have been given a second life in Amsterdam. This Dutch football stadium contains a massive energy storage system built with a combination of solar panels and used car batteries that not only acts as backup power to the stadium in case of outages, but also provides great relief to the Dutch electricity grid.

Industry predictions

At all-hands meeting Jeff Bezos tells employees he’s ‘very excited’ about the auto industry

By: Eugene Kim

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, commented on a staff meeting about Amazon’s increasing investments in other companies, including the rapidly growing and fascinating electric vehicle startups. In his own words, “It’s going to be something very interesting to watch and participate in, and I’m very excited about that whole industry.”


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