On-Demand Webcast: When Will Your Industry Get “Ubered?” Adient’s Digital Journey

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Randy Urban – Vice President, Digital Office, Adient

Megatrends in the digital technology space are starting to converge and create opportunities that are going exponential. When trends go from linear to exponential, the change in ability or cost performance is transformational and leads to significant disruption. This can be seen in many industries today. The accelerating capabilities of digital coupled with a creative start-up mentality give people the ability to re-think just about any product or service. As these innovators re-imagine how to serve an industry or create a completely new one, those of us who are already operating in the business need to move onto the exponential curve or risk being disrupted. It is time for the automotive industry to transform.

Digital transformation for Adient is the opportunity to leverage the rapidly accelerating capabilities and decreasing unit costs of advanced technology to achieve and exceed objectives of the five-year marker. Join this webcast to hear from Adient’s Vice President of their Digital Office as he outlines their digital transformation journey from the initial focus on driving operational excellence and employee engagement to developing digital products, new business models and customer engagement.

Digital technologies offer Adient the ability to dramatically improve user experiences and capabilities in the corporate environment. This, coupled with the improved collaboration spaces in their facilities and the implementation of Agile, Lean and Adient Manufacturing System (AMS) methods of working, propelled Adient towards a rich and rewarding work environment.

Each functional area is building a tailored Digital Vision and roadmap to achieve their respective transformation. Adient’s Industry 4.0 initiative will evolve traditional factories into smart factories. This includes cyber-physical systems, advanced automation, the Internet of Things, cloud computing and big data analytics in which all human, material and energy resources are interconnected and optimized.

This top-rated case study presentation from Best Practices for Automotive 2017 showcases how Adient:

  • Navigated digital transformation to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve quality
  • Improved user experience and engaged employees with digital technologies
  • Developed a strategy to advance each factory into a smart factory connecting analytics across the organization

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