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Kiosk Information:

Best Practices for Automotive Conference turn-key booth program is an effective and all-inclusive marketing platform that is designed to help you spend less money and creates an even playing field for all partners. There are some graphic customizations that can be done to personalize your booth and this page will give you all the information that you will need to make your best showing.

If at any time, you have questions don’t hesitate to call our office:

Eventful Conferences – 914-509-5354

Maddy Chilbert – Partner Care
P: 877-411-4675 or 914-509-5354 x120

Booth Artwork & Dimensions:

Eventful Conferences has teamed with Lindsay Exhibits to design and build the booth system for this year’s conference. They will be producing the booths from your graphic files, which need to be created in their dimensions. There are two areas of the booth that can accommodate custom graphics:

Large Graphic Panel — Custom graphics, Dimensions: 37.8125” (W) x 94.625” (H)

Only one back panel can be customized. The right panel will include a mounted monitor with a white background and your company logo above monitor. Please submit a high res version of your logo for this panel.

FRONT COUNTER — Custom graphics, Dimensions: 18.3125” (W) x 36.75” (H)

Booth Artwork Specs & Graphic Guidelines

 Booth Mockup








Digital File Specifications:

Files must be submitted in a PDF, Adobe Illustrator (.AI) or. ESP format. Please download and look over the “Graphic Guidelines” for full details. In addition, please send Maddy Chilbert at Eventful Conferences – (914-509-5354 x120) – a low resolution file of your graphics to ensure the correct graphics are installed and printed for your kiosk.

Graphic Design Assistance:

If you do not have a designer to create your artwork, you may use our graphic design company, Purpaula Productions. Please see the pricing information below. If you decide to work with Purpaula Productions, please inform them by Friday, August 4th, 2017 so she has enough time to create your artwork.

All charges will be billed to you directly from Purpaula Productions:

Art/Design Time: $80/hour
All assets, including company logo and photos, must be provided in digital format. Stock photos can be provided at an additional cost, to be determined based on photo.

Paula Finnerty — Creative Director
P: 845-226-7088

Artwork Due Date & Where to Send Artwork

Booth artwork must be submitted and approved by Friday, August 25th 2017. Any artwork submitted/not approved by this date will be subject to a $250 late fee.

All partners need to upload artwork and a high res version of their logo to Lindsay Exhibits site in their designated folder, follow link and directions below. In addition, please send Maddy Chilbert at Eventful Conferences – (914-509-5354 x120) – a low resolution file of your graphics to ensure that the correct graphics and logo are installed and printed for your booth.

  1. After completing the design process for all booth elements, the client should compress all artwork into a zip folder.
  2. Visit and click on the “+add file” button.
  3. Client will locate the zip file containing the artwork and hit “open” or “select” to attach the artwork.
  4. Client will enter the individual email addresses (multiple emails allowed in one transfer) in the “friend’s email” field for all recipients of the file. your Lindsay Exhibits contacts email is
  5. Client will enter their own email address in the “your email” field so they can receive a copy of the link to the file.
  6. Client may wish to enter comments and or directions in the message section. Not required, but nice way to make some notes.
  7. Final step. Client will hit the “transfer” button and the file will upload and transfer to the recipient.



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